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98% … that’s how much of customers read online reviews when looking for a local business – based on a research. And more than 70% of consumers take action after reading positive reviews. Furthermore, brands that receive one or two stars on review platforms such as Google or Yelp risk losing 86% of their prospects.

… that’s how much of customers read online reviews when looking for a local business – based on a research. And more than 70% of consumers take action after reading positive reviews. Furthermore, brands that receive one or two stars on review platforms such as Google or Yelp risk losing 86% of their prospects.

Stay on Top of search results and your competitors.

Why are Google reviews so important?

Online reviews are the lifeblood of modern business, shaping customer perceptions and loyalty. Positive reviews draw potential customers in. Trust in online reviews remains high at nearly 80%, making them a valuable tool for enhancing your reputation, boosting search engine visibility, and attracting local traffic. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to shine. 

  • High position on Google Maps = More clients
  • More phone calls from customers who are interested in you product
  • By receiving more reviews, potential customers know that they can trust you.

Attract high-intent potential customers.

Customers continually assess their choices, with about 98% acknowledging that business reviews impact their buying choices.

Increased Revenue

Improved online visibility leads to a higher number of visits to your website and physical store, ultimately attracting more customers.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Support

Online reputation management helps establish trust and transparency by leveraging online reviews to highlight your commitment to customer happiness, strengthening client relationships.

Improved Brand Recognition

The easier it is for people to associate with your brand, the greater the chance that customers will use your services.

Attract High-Performing Employees

Studies indicate that 69% of job seekers would decline an offer from a company with a negative online reviews. To attract top talent and expand your team, investing in a your brand online reputation is essential.

Boost Your SEO Efforts

Moz reports that online reviews contribute to 15% of Google Local Pack ranking considerations. By getting more reviews on Google and other review platforms allows you to generate additional user-generated content (UGC), leading to a surge in qualified website traffic and ultimately increased sales.

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Who should optimize their Business Profile on Google?

Everyone with a business or service should prioritize optimizing their Business Profile on Google. In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for success. Whether you’re a small local shop, a growing startup, or a well-established corporation, Google’s Business Profile can help you connect with your target audience, increase visibility, and build trust. 

But if you want to determine if you should invest in GBP (Google Business Profile), start by checking whether your competitors appear for the keywords that users search for.

First, you need to conduct keyword research that matches users’ queries with your offers/products/information on your website. The next step is to enter the most important and frequently searched keywords related to your business into a search engine and see if Google Maps results appear. These keywords can be general (service/product) or location-specific (service/product + city).

If you see Maps results with your competition in them (just like on the screenshot), it’s a sign that you should start optimizing and positioning your business listing on Google. `

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Which industries can particularly benefit from
Google Business Profile optimization?

Which industries benefit most from Google Business Profile optimization?

The Google Business Profile is available to all businesses, but for some industries, it’s especially advantageous. We’re mainly referring to all kind of local businesses, such as: 

Hair salons

Beauty Salons

Medical Clinics

Dental Clinics

Coffee shops


Local Bakeries

Local Grocery Stores



Real estate agencies

Dry cleaners

Insurance companies

Law firms

Local Gyms


Construction companies

Pet grooming

Auto repair shops

Hardware stores

With our help reach TOP positions

How can we help you optimize your business profile on Google?

How can we help you optimize your business profile on Google?

Get you listed on Google

Getting listed on Google Maps is your ticket to online visibility and attracting local customers. Your Google My Profile listing shows searchers where and how to visit your business. 

Audit and Analysis

There are more than 140 ranking factors which determine the position of companies listing on Local Pack (Google My Profile). We carefully assess a range of critical sub-points through meticulous verification. This involves an in-depth analysis of the local market and current trends, as well as the collection of detailed data while closely studying your competitors. Additionally, we explore areas that are often neglected by competitors but have the potential to make a significant impact on the optimization of your Google Business Profile. 

Tailored to your business strategy

You’ll be provided with a comprehensive strategy customized to your specific business goals, taking into account the existing state of your company profiles. We will incorporate benchmarking requirements and specifications for creating efficient, replicable processes that are tailored to your industry and locations. 

Optimization of your Google Business Profile

We’ll fine-tune your profile to showcase your best features, highlight crucial information like your hours, location, and contact details, and encourage positive customer reviews. By enhancing your Google Business Profile, you’ll stand out in local search results and attract more visitors, ultimately driving growth for your business. 

Protection of your Google Business Profile listing

Did you know that anyone can go and suggest changes to the information displayed on your Google My Profile listing without your consent?

Your competitors might try different unethical methods to get ahead of you. These could be for example changing your Google My Profile listing name, remove phone number, alter your opening hours, or mark you as permanently closed. This is a feature called the “Suggest an Edit” of Google, and unfortunately it can’t be turned off.

Stay safe from unwanted changes with us and protect your business. We monitor and detect in real time suggested changes to our clients profiles and most importantly prevent from negative actions by competition.

Review Generation

Having positive reviews increases sales by 270%.

We develop a strategy to actively connect with your local audience, organically persuading them to share their positive experiences. Satisfied customers are often eager to support your growing business by leaving glowing reviews on your profile, enhancing its visibility to potential clients. Our all-encompassing approach guarantees that your entire customer base is informed about your commitment to securing an abundance of positive reviews. 

Review response

Research indicates that companies which respond to a minimum of 25 percent of their business reviews experience a significant revenue increase of 35 percent. Custom, personalized, SEO-optimized responses to every review on your business profile. 

Reduce negative reviews

Although Google doesn’t allow removing negative reviews, there are cases where bad reviews can be removed, and we will help you in those situations. But even if you have couple of negative reviews, you still can increase your rating by adding more positive reviews. And that is the best solution in most of the cases. 

SEO optimized posts

Regularly posting in your Google Business Profile is an often underestimated practice. Keep in mind that ‘regular’ doesn’t necessarily mean daily, as Google’s algorithms have their own posting frequency guidelines. What’s equally important is the diversity of your posts, including updates, special offers, upcoming events, promotions, and more. Additionally, where possible, consider adding a call to action to encourage increased customer inquiries about your services. 

QR Codes - automate getting reviews

we simplify the process of generating reviews using QR codes. Our expert team crafts personalized QR codes promptly, and it won’t cost you a dime! Just share the QR code with your customers or have them scan it at their convenience to leave reviews. Sign up for our online reputation management services today and receive your complimentary QR code. 

Monitor and track your listing

our business’s success is closely tied to where you appear in local search results, and we’re here to ensure you maintain a strong position. Our expert team tracks your rankings, keeps a watchful eye on the competition, and implements strategic improvements to boost your visibility. With our service, you’ll rise in the ranks, attract more customers, and dominate your local market. Let us put your business at the forefront of Google search results, so you can enjoy the growth and success you deserve. 

Monthly reports

Our monthly reports provide a comprehensive overview of your profile’s performance, including visibility, engagement, and customer feedback. We break down the data into easy-to-understand metrics, helping you make informed decisions to further enhance your online presence. Stay in the loop, track your progress, and watch your business thrive with our transparent and informative monthly reports. Your success story starts here. 


Why work with us?

Win new customers​

Just a few small changes in your Google Business Profile can lead to new customers reaching out to your company.

Increase rankings

If your reputation strategy isn't improving your Google rankings and driving quality prospects, you don't have a strategy.

Save time​

We will take care of your Google Business Profile. Save internal resources with our help. Do more with less hassle


Dominate Google Maps with us, rank on TOP3 position and stay ahead of competition.


Frequently asked questions

Creating a profile and being listed on Google Business Profile is free. 

The verification process of a new business on Google Business Profile can take up to two weeks. However, it typically takes much less time.

In the digital age, effective management of your Google reviews is essential for safeguarding your website’s success. Nowadays, a growing number of consumers heavily rely on reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, making it imperative that your reviews reflect your company in the most accurate and positive light.

Google reviews are prominently displayed in search results alongside your business name, often serving as a decisive factor for potential customers. For instance, when seeking a plumber, if two options are rated above 4.5 stars while another falls below 3.0, the first two will likely receive calls, while the third is quickly forgotten. Maintaining a high rating is paramount to overcoming that crucial initial hurdle on the path to customer inquiries.

Furthermore, Google reviews carry significant weight in search rankings, particularly in local SEO campaigns. Your business’s ranking can be the difference between securing a prominent position in the Local Pack, complete with convenient one-click call functionality on mobile devices, and being relegated to the obscurity of pages two, three, or beyond. 

Businesses have various avenues to acquire more relevant Google reviews. One approach involves directly soliciting your customers for feedback on your products or services through email communication, newsletters, blog links or SMS. Consider your satisfied customers as your review management partners. Another tactic is to utilize advertising space within your physical locations to encourage reviews. Above all, it’s crucial to consistently prompt your customers to rate your business or service on platforms like Google Maps or social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn and encourage them to provide feedback.

Negative reviews can also be opportunities for positive change if handled constructively. Responding to both positive and negative feedback is essential, showcasing a commitment to customer engagement and a willingness to use constructive criticism for improvement. In some cases, reviews may be inappropriate or defamatory, in which case they can be reported. Google encourages users to be familiar with content guidelines before posting reviews. 

Google doesn’t have a straightforward process for removing negative star ratings or reviews on its own. Even if the rating or review is unlawful or infringes on Google’s policies, it can remain visible on the platform. If you suspect a review fits this category, click the “Request removal of reviews” button. Google will assess the review against its guidelines and, if it doesn’t meet them, will proceed to delete the rating or review. Typically, it takes two to four weeks for the negative rating or review to be removed from the internet. However, it’s important to note that Google may not always remove every rating or review reported by its users.

As part of the service, all elements of the profile will be checked and improved. The introduced changes can have a positive impact on the position of the Business Profile in Google Maps. It also involves ongoing work on the Google My Business profile, including posting updates, event information, and photos. Assistance in acquiring and responding to reviews, including negative ones, is provided. Monitoring and analysis of positions is also conducted. These are general actions aimed at ensuring that the Google My Business profile appears in top positions

The price for Google My Business optimization starts at $199/month and depends on several factors, including the company’s location, keywords, competition, and the profile’s history.

We sign a rolling contract, renewable each month. You can terminate the contract at any time if our collaboration doesn’t meet your satisfaction. 

It’s a relative matter, dependent on many factors. It all depends on the level of competition and how well their profiles are optimized. Sometimes, the first changes can yield spectacular results, while other times, the journey to the top of the search results takes more time. But usually, a business appears in the top 10 search results within a period of 2 to 3 months after implementing the changes. 

Of course, as the owner of a Google My Business account, you have real-time access to all the data related to your business profile, including statistics. You can check the number of visits, viewed photos, phone calls, and more at any time. Additionally, once a month, you will receive a report from us with the same information

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